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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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s bob kealing tells us, that has residents on edge. >> i was watching tv, and i heard six or seven shots. bob: alan alonso says gunfire erupted right outside his apartment at around noon, here at the front of the esplinade apartment clubhouse. shell casings littered the sidewalk a short distance from the busy intersection of rio grande and americana. one person nowhere near this scene was struck and wounded. to show you how far a stray bullet can travel, after it was fired down there, deputies say it ended up hitting a deliveryman sitting in a box truck here at the andover place apartments .2 mile down the road. alan alonso: i saw the ambulance down the road. bullets can go anywhere. they don' t have no destination. lucky they weren' t shooting at the building. they were shooting down the street. bob: one man taken in to custody, but is not cooperating. the motive for it remains
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for a short time, the orange county school district confirms palmetto elementary, which is close to the back of the esplinade complex but not in the line of fire, was placed on lockdown. last week, three people were shot and wounded at the andover place complex. that has some residents like patrick sarno on edge. >> kind of scared to walk around here any more. bob: with so much gunfire so close to home in recent days, alan alonso says he' s seen and heard enough. alan alonso: i guess it' s time to get out of the neighborhood. i mean it' s never gonna stop. ,jim: orange county deputies have intensified patrols. they are to called it ground zero in their patrol area. two people are under arrest in connection to a triple murder in polk county, and the search is not over. grady judd just thanked the police department for miami after arresting to miami men they say killed two people and shot another inside a lakeland
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home. a strong warning from sheriff judd still on the loose -- for those still on the loose. judd: we are coming after you. our colleagues from the miami dade and miami police department are coming after you. we are going to find you and put you in prison for the rest of your lives. do not sleep well. jim: there was a $10,000 reward for information leading to more arrests. meredith: another cool and calm day, but that will change. jim: time and healthy is tracking the potential for severe and dangerous -- tony mainolfi is tracking the potential for severe and dangerous weather. tony: let me show you this piece of energy in the gulf of mexico south of houston area that area of low pressure. that is going to be the main line during the midmorning hours. this will arrive after midnight tonight. not worried about midnight
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weather, nothing that could look like severe weather before son up. -- sun-up. i will have to watch these storms coming through louisiana. we are at the marginal risk for the greatest risk for a tornado will be 7:00 to 12:00. damaging winds and very heavy rain are in the forecast. , county by county, and let you know the biggest concerns for the morning commute. see you in a bit. jim: powerball mania continues tonight but now there are at least three new multi-millionaires in the u.s., and one of them is right here in central florida. a winning ticket was bought at a publix in driftwood plaza on a.1.a in melbourne beach. the store is now in the national spotlight and we' re now hearing from an excited publix manager. >> you know, we have a lot of loyal customers that come and shop with us on a weekly basis and daily basis, so probably the odds creates a greater opportunity for those who play
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jim: we also spoke with shoppers who bought tickets from the store and are sad that they did not have the winning ticket. neighborhood is getting a lot of media attention because there are reports the winner live there where we find wesh 2' s michelle meredith. michelle, it' s been quite the circus out there. michelle: there have been news orlando trying to find out one thing, who won the powerball? in one particular subdivision in melbourne beach, enquiring minds want to know. kristen rich: i' m just standing around wondering, what' s going on. michelle: what do you think about all this? >> i think it' s crazy. i think if i won the powerball, i would just come out and say it. i would be driving to tallahassee right now. michelle: they want to know if the melbourne beach woman so many people believe won the powerball actually did. daniel bowman: i' ve heard rumors that she won the powerball. michelle: news crews have been parked up and down the street. there' s excitement. excitement for the family. michelle: do you see her buying a yacht? >> that'
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her. i think, there' s not telling what she will do. she is kind of a free spirit in a way. michelle: but the excitement quickly turned to confusion after police were called in. they talked to the potential powerball winner. they told us we' ve got it all wrong. >> but what she is saying is that she did not win. michelle: did not win? is this a misunderstanding? or a hoax? >> she doesn' t want to be called a winner because she didn' t win, she' s saying. and she doesn' t want the publicity and all that stuff. michelle: hard to tell. for now, the media, melbourne beach, the nation, the neighbors wait and wonder. royce grones: certainly would have liked to have won myself, but if i couldn' t win, to have someone win locally is exciting. i think it' s great. michelle: police have told us the woman is no longer in her house. we know she did not come out of her front door. the mystery in melbourne beach and tenuous.
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meredith: as michelle mentioned, melbourne beach is just a tiny town perched on brevard county' s barrier island. so, this powerball win is a huge sensation. you might think people in this little town with an everyone-knows-everyone-else lifestyle would find distasteful the media hordes and the sharks and scammers looking for the winner. not so. the feel here is too laid-back for people to be uptight. a local real estate attorney is offering free advice to the winner that comes with an easygoing qualifier. >> you' re gonna have a hard time messing it up. there' s just too much money there to really be able to blow it. meredith: he says says he hopes the winner is assembling a team a financial planner, a cpa, an estate planner, and a real estate attorney. sold in lake mary. wesh 2 has learned a 19-year-old man bought a ticket that matched all numbers except the powerball at the sav-a-ton on north country club road. the store will now get $5000 for selling the ticket. jim: a marion county teenager is convicted of first degree murder, again, in the trial of her ex-boyfriend.
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it took jurors just a little over two hours today to find amber wright guilty in murder of seath jackson. jackson was beaten, shot, and his body burned in a backyard fire pit. his remains were dumped in paint cans and thrown in rock quarry. -- into a rock cory. the victim' s mother says she' s satisfied with this latest verdict. sonia jackson has testified in each trial. sonia jackson: it' s hard, it' s very hard. i can' t tell you how i made it though all this. i just get up every morning knowing that i have to fight for my son. jim: amber wright was granted this second trial after her miranda rights were violated. she will be sentenced next month. meredith: body turns up outside a popular orlando nightclub, and police are calling it a homicide. it was found in a grassy area near guilt nightclub at 1:30 yesterday. detectives say that they believe taylor was killed someplace else and his body dumped here. there is note to scripture and. -- no description.
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there are no leads. there are no leads. customers are shocked. >> i was picking up my dog, wondering what is going on? but the news on, you will see. a shock to everybody. meredith: this man got out of prison after 18 months, serving for burglary and ran theft -- grand theft. if you have information, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. a second person is now accused of neglecting children at a volusia county home. 26-year-old josephine broome was wanted since monday, when a 3-year-old boy in her care was found wandering alone on a road near deland. 40-year-old jason broome is also charged with child neglect. investigators found drug paraphernalia and almost no food in the house for the three-year-old and his older siblings. both suspects told deputies they are drug addicts who can' t properly care for children. jim: a holly hill man accused of killing his wife will not get out on bond. he is charged with second-degree
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area at a hearing today, his attorneys argued he is entitled to a bond. he told police that they were arguing in their home. she went for a gun and it went off as it struggled, faced -- as they struggled, face to face. she was shot in the back of the head. this act is does not jive with the other version of the events. >> she sought in the back of her head. jim: the judge denied the motion for a bond. meredith: the attorney for convicted killed bessman okafor says the u.s. supreme court ' s decision on the death penalty should spare okafor' s life. a hearing was held this afternoon to review the status of okafor' s appeal, in light of the high court' s ruling. okafor was not present. he' s on death row at florida state prison for the murder of alex zaldivar along with the attempted murder of two others.
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but the jury was not unanimous in it' s sentence of death and the u.s. supreme court ruled florida' s sentencing guidelines unlawful because they give judges too much power. mosley: because it was a constitutional issue, of the 6th amendment i believe it affects my client' s sentence and ultimately that the death sentence will be nullified. rafael zaldivar: this man, he' s going to have to forfeit his life for what he did to our son. meredith: state attorney jeff ashton argued outside the courthouse the u.s. supreme court' s ruling likely will not sway the state' s high court justices to spare okafor' s life. jim: bond has been revoked for a man accused of intentionally running down a horse and its rider, killing the horse, then leaving the scene. bond for 22-year-old christopher todd was revoked after he was his car. in february investigators say todd got into an argument with a group of horse back riders near orange city. he' s accused of hitting and killing a horse. the rider suffered a broken collar bone. trial is tentatively set for next month. as promised, the city of edgewater has put up a trap to catch wild hogs that have been destroying lawns in a community there. this is a picture of the trap that went up in the southern end
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of florida shores, around yule tree and 35th today. another will go in tonight. the hogs have been tearing up lawns since just before christmas. they' ve done thousands of dollars in damage. city leaders learned that some have taken to shooting the hogs and though legal. in the interest of safety, they put up traps. trash troubles in orange county. meredith: talking with neighbors that have been dealing with rolling garbage since christmas. >> i came to pick them up, there was still garbage in them. meredith: why it took so long. jim: event slams into a local home. why the driver had little chance to avoid the nasty crash. tony: a storm system organizing in the gulf of mexico will produce a line of thunderstorms.
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and let you know if any se i announcer: you are watching wesh 2. meredith: check out this video.
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leaving behind a pricey cleanup. now the driver is recovering from his injuries. chopper 2 was over the scene in maitland moments after impact. this is on the 500 block of lightning trail, near tuscarora trail. the maitland fire department says witnesses told them the driver was speeding, when he lost control and hit the garage. >> i said immediately, he' s not going to make that curb up there. he hit it right here. he tried to straighten out, apparently. meredith: he hit right here -- meredith: no one was home at the time, but there is significant damage to both the van and the home. jim: thousands of dollars worth of liquor has been stolen from a local nightclub and it was all caught on camera. orlando police say this is 43-year-old george goins filling a trash can with $4000 worth of liquor. they say he then sold it on the street. coins is being held on $7400 bond. you' ve heard it right here on wesh 2, orange county is having some problems with the new trash program. meredith: but tonight we' ve just uncovered a new issue one
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neighborhood has not scene a trash truck since last year. jim: a frustrated customer s dave mcdaniel shows us, once some extra attention was focused on the issue, the trash trucks arrived. dave: the long awaited trash trucks arrived mid-afternoon. residents say before they reached out to wesh 2 news, trash days in a row didn' t change a thing. shane jeffries: we have called, and they said they have put work orders in for them to come out the next day, and they' ve yet to come out here. dave: trash piles were getting bigger, and he wasn' t going to haul it back inside. shane jeffries: i' m not going to put all this trash in my garage and smell up my garage, there' s no way. dave: jeffries says he hasn' t even been given the new, proper trash can. others with those cans, want ' em picked up. brandon endicott: so far, they haven' t came and picked up any of the trash in the cans. dave: the residents admit this is a brand new subdivision.
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here a few weeks. but they also point out that before the first of the year, trash service wasn' t an issue here. brandon endicott: prior to that, they were coming three times a week, mondays, wednesdays and thursdays, and there was not a problem until they started this. claire: dan: and they arrived, making quick work of it. jay smith: i' m glad you guys gave them a call. now they have two or three trucks picking everything up all in one day. dave: even the christmas tree on the curb is finally gone. in orange county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. meredith: people with on going trash issues in orange county can go to and follow the link to orange county solid waste for roll carts and missed trash collections. jim: the florida supreme court is refusing to grant a new hearing to a brevard county judge whose courtroom confrontation cost him his job. >> if you wanna fight, let' s go out back. i' ll just -- jim: judge john murphy says that 2014 outburst is a result of
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post-traumatic stress. he wanted the court to change the reason for his removal to be medical, instead of disciplinary. right now, in orange county a debate over school start times. members of the school board are meeting are trying to figure out if some students are being asked to show up for class too early. there are some who want to change the time students in 9th through 12th grade are asked to come to school. right now all of orange county' s high schools ring the bell before 7:30. changing this could wind up costing the district, as one plan requires, about $48 million to pull off. more buses may have to be bought. some board members say they want to push start times as close to 8:00 a.m. as possible. meredith: a pretty, whether evening out there. tomorrow things may be changing. tony: from 7:00 a.m. to noon, it will be kind of bad. let me show you what it looks like at daytona beach, things are quiet and comfortable. gorgeous evening in orlando as well.
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we are watching some weather down to the southwest. when i first got in, it looked more promising. right now in the cloud tops show signs of weakening. around the rain, shortly after the midnight hour. around 2:00 the mainland -- the main line. this will be in and out from 8:00 to 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon on the eastern side of the peninsula. you can see a knife line of thunderstorms beginning to block from louisiana to the area of low pressure. we have not had any warnings here in louisiana, so that could be a sign of things to come. we want to watch that overnight and see how things play out over the gulf of mexico. if you nine ocala, city five orlando, 66 and melbourne -- 59
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temperatures will fall for the next couple of hours and then arise after midnight. temperatures will not be as cool as we have seen over the last few mornings. ocala 55, 60 in town, 60 in melbourne. you can see what is going on. look at the flow out of the south becoming more southwesterly around 8:00. this model might be a little slow with the advancement of that line of storms. it may actually be right about here on the west coast of the peninsula. you can see how things merge. that window from 7:00 to 12:00, as it comes together, that is when we have risk for tornadoes. as it emerges around 1:00, the biggest concern is wind damage as the line continues to raise through brevard county. and then it is offshore by 4:00. in its wake we will see potentially heavy rain, as much as three inches of rain.
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8:00 to 11:00, the villages and bushnell, palm coast. 11:00 to 1:00, orlando in sanford. tomato, ef2 -- tornado. the bigger concern is going to be the wind in the rain. we are talking about potential wind gusts from 30 to 50 miles per hour as a line of showers races across the peninsula late morning on into the afternoon. highest will be in the 70' s. we get a brief break on saturday, and then another area of low pressure comes in. we will watch another risk of strong to severe storms late sunday morning. a one day quiet spell on saturday, stormy on sunday, and much colder early next week. jim: very crazy. fish and chips, big ben and the
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beatles now the magic and , raptors. stewart: the magic invade london. after days of enjoying the sights and sound a get this. i was at my shop tied
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when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got longer hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid.
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stewart: throwback thursday
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takes us to 1993 and this iconic photo of shaq in london. fast forward more than two decades, and the magic are back in the u.k. many of players on this year' s team weren' t even alive for that first london game. head coach scott skiles was on the 1993-1994 team. now skiles is at the helm, trying to guide his squad to a win against the raports. let' s go right to end of regulation. victor oladipo with the head fake. you see the shot right in the lane. that tied things up with about 30 seconds left. it turns out to be a big one, because it would send the game into the overtime. magic were down all game and were just never able pull ahead they would lose all the way over in london, 103-106. oladipo had 27 points and six boards in a losing effort. kyle lowery led the way for toronto with 24. four days of rest for the magic, ll travel to atlanta to face the hawks. it is known as the mls super draft. each pro soccer teams picks the players of the future. the orlando city lions are looking to bolster their roster with some talent right here close to home.
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forward hadji barry. barry scored 11 goals for the knights this past season and was first-team all conference. he' ll be the first ucf player to suit up for orlando city. the nfl coaching carousel continues to swing around. hired chip kelly who was let go by the philadelphia eagles after three seasons. following a 5-11, one-and-done season. kelly was head coach at the university of oregon. time was new ucf coach scott frost.
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buccaneers hiring derek jim: first responders see pretty much everything when they go out on a call. meredith: but there' s nothing like delivering a baby, like this little girl. lashawn carr was born in the back of a car last friday, with the help of marion county deputy erik deangelis, and paramedics andrew cole and chad poynter. today, they got together for a reunion, along with dispatcher dianne graham-miller, who was on the phone with the carr' s during the entire delivery, and nikki brooks, a nurse who pulled over and helped with the delivery. jim: good work all the way around their.
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